Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow 2014!

It began snowing today around lunch time and came down steadily the rest of the afternoon. I estimate that about 2.5" fell here at the house.

The snow had been predicted for the last several days by all of the weather forecasters. Yet, true to form, the schools did not cancel classes for today. Instead they called school off at midday. This created a traffic jam of enormous proportion. People have been sitting in their cars for hours only to move a tenth of a mile.

A few weeks ago all of the school systems cancelled classes the night before when the temperature was predicted to go into single digits. There was zero chance precipitation! The next day was a sunny, clear, beautiful day, and no child went to school. With snow predicted three days in advance not one school system cancelled classes! Children were in school and then on the spur of the moment all of the school systems dumped them out without a moments notice. Way to go ATL!

As for me, I walked outside around 1 pm and it had been snowing for at least half an hour and it was beginning to stick. We don't get a chance to see snow very often so I walked out into the yard to take it in. Aggie, the dog, she's never seen snow. She was very frightened of it. I had to coax her out from under the deck. I believe that she thought that she had somehow caused it and was to blame. She didn't want to come to me. I think she thought I would punish her for it.

After a little while she finally trusted me enough to come out from under the deck and we went into the garage. I knew if I walked out underneath the eave she would most likely follow me out. She was pretty skittish to begin with but after a while she took to it.

She had a good time running around in the snow and eating it too. It dawned on me that people believe that dogs are color blind. Aggie isn't. She clearly saw all of that white powder all over the place and she did not know what to make of it. I think animals see colors just the same as we do. Why wouldn't they? They probably see it better than us.

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