Monday, January 5, 2015

Coop renovation

The weekend before last we built a new coop for the chickens.

The old one was only meant to be temporary anyway and it was difficult to deal with. I didn't expect the chickens to start laying yet and there wasn't really a spot for nesting boxes.

This one is a easier for them to access and they have a nest box area contained inside the coop. It's the part on the left. Those boards swing up on a hinge to the right. They have been laying there already. They can go underneath the nesting area too, so if I don't let them out at daylight they've got somewhere they can go to get down off the roost.

They seem to like it so far.

It's all repurposed scrap material. Building out of scrap makes the job go really slow. Hunting pieces that will work and then having to go to plan B when you don't have the right material will double the amount of hours in a build. That and having four chickens and a dog right in the middle of the construction zone. It also rained about four inches the first night after I started the build so it was a mud bog the entire time. Never fails...