Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I took a picture of this sign that is in Publix today. I saw it a long time ago but never had my camera with me before.

Why are fruits and vegetables COATED with wax, resin, or shellac? (Shellac is made from a secretion that comes from the lac bug used for finishing furniture.)

The answer is, because they are trying to fool you. Their belief is that your food must be doctored for you to buy it.

The quality of the food is completely irrelevant. It only has to look good, it doesn't have to be nutritious.

Is it any wonder there is so much cancer today? Even the so-called "healthy" food is airbrushed with chemicals.

Don't eat this crap, just don't.

With the exception of avocados and citrus, everything listed on the sign can be grown in your own yard. It won't look like the stuff in the grocery store but it'll taste a hundred percent better and it won't give you cancer.

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