Sunday, May 3, 2015

Boston Butt w/ poke and turnips

Pork Shoulder w/ Poke Weed

The poke is really getting large now and they won't be worth eating if they get too big, zero food miles.

I boiled them first in a large pot.

Turnips were from Freedom Farmers Market at the Carter Center.

I roasted a boston butt in the dutch oven on 250 for about seven hours with carrots from Straight from the Backyard.

The meat comes from Gum Creek Farms.

I sauteed the turnips and poke in garlic and bacon from Pine Street Market.

Salad with balsamic vinaigrette

I made a salad from lettuce growing in a raised bed we have here.

Balsamic vinaigrette:

1 - tblspn dijon mustard
1- tblspn good balsamic vinegar

Combine both in a measuring cup

While stirring mustard and balsamic, drizzle in some good olive oil to form an emulsion.

That's it!

I topped the salad with Goat's Milk cheese crafted locally from Capra Gia.

It isn't local but it's worth getting, Edmond Fallot dijon mustard, nothing can compete.

You can get it from

Georgia Olive Oil is made here in Georgia and is available from their online store if you cannot find it locally.

Strippaggio of Atlanta sells olive oil and balsamic vinegar in their online store, it's very good.

You can always find out what is available to you locally at Local Harvest.

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