Monday, April 28, 2014

The Genesis of a Chicken Coop

The last couple of weeks I've been working on building a chicken coop out of the scrap wood that I have around the homestead.

I have been replacing the soffits on the eaves and I have been able to repurpose some of the old plywood that has been removed.

I thought that the tiger stripe paint job would cut down on the predators or at least look pretty cool.

I used some old posts that used to be borders around the yard as legs. The top of the table used to be the door to the basement.

The exterior is made from the old soffits and I used the eave vents for ventilation in the coop. So in essence the coop has been zero cost except for time.

The top lid is hinged and will open up as will the front if needed.

I found it to be quite time consuming building on the fly without a definite plan to go off of. Cobbling together scraps of wood and trying to match one piece with the next is a slow process.

I'm really not fond of working this way because although the scrap material was free, the extra amount of time that it took to figure out a design offset the money saved on material.

I'd much prefer to spend a few hours drawing a plan and then buy the material needed and execute the job, even if it is more expensive.

Time is our most valuable asset.

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