Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tomato Factory

Here's the tomato factory that was once our deck. I haven't counted the number of pots there are but over twenty I believe.

The cherry tomatoes have been going strong for a while and they are very tasty. The others are still small so we haven't been able to sample them yet.

There are some other tomatoes in various places throughout the yard and I have found two tomato worms on those already. The container garden seems to be all but pest free. But, they need to be ridded of suckers nearly daily whereas the ones in the real earth don't seem to sucker hardly at all.

Listada di Gandia
There is some eggplant that is coming along decently as well. I am not sure which variety it is however. I believe it is an Asian variety, I will have to check the seeds and find out. It's nice and hot now (90's) and the tomatoes really do love it. Quite a bit more watering but they seem quite happy with the heat.

No it's an Italian variety.

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