Friday, July 18, 2014

Wild As Hell

Let's get crazy, I just got my rabies shot!

Why not?


It's all getting shaggy around here right now.  The dog days are here. A good time to work inside.

The fences can wait until fall, the weeds can have their season. No use fighting it.

It's all wild as hell around here... that's the way we like it.

Tomatoes still trying to make it to maturity. There are so many varieties I don't have a clue which one's these are.

The cherry tomatoes are nearly done. Done as in finished, no more. Damn good though.
The eggplants weren't as promising as they might have been initially but for whatever reason they've taken off and should be ready soon.

Gigantic moons and the incessant chirping of cicadas, that's probably what makes the vegetables grow...maybe.

Summer's got it's own soundtrack. It's the one I like. Feet rough as sandpaper, farmer's tan, liver hanging by a thread.

Waiting on the fall..

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