Thursday, April 23, 2015


Yesterday about ten thousand new arrivals showed up.


In February we attended a beekeeping class and ordered some bees. They let me know they were ready and I drove over there yesterday and picked them up. It's about an hours drive out in the country.

I'm beginning to think that the apple trees didn't get pollinated and I'm positive that's the case for at least one of them. Hopefully having bees on the property will mitigate that. (I should have done it by hand though)

Transferring frames from the nuc
The bees came in what is called a "nuc". So they were bees that already had a queen and had been together. I drove them home in the floorboard of the truck, per the beekeepers directions. They were taped in with a piece of screen. They came with five frames that already had honey and brood.

Today they were coming back loaded with pollen that was bright yellow. I don't know what it is but it might be poplar because I see them going up.

These bees are adjusted to this climate since they are from very close by so hopefully they will do fine. As far as I can tell there aren't anymore honeybees nearby so they have pretty much free reign right now.


  1. Clyde wants to know where is your netting for your protection....of course, that's one of my "maternal" questions also!!

  2. People make a big production out of bee handling with all the smoke and the white suits. The keeper got them from wasn't wearing one so neither did I. They are very docile bees. I just think of it like they're the Borg.They are all busy doing their jobs and don't really notice you unless you give them cause for alarm.