Thursday, April 16, 2015


I've been essentially "paleo" for about three years. I don't really worry about adhering to letter of it at all, I just know when I don't feel good and when I do. So it's really been a case for me of cutting out most carbs. No bread, potatoes, rice or pasta. I've also discovered that cream really knocks me down flat. The longer you stay off of carbs the more sensitive you become to them, in my experience. In the beginning I could eat a sandwich with a bun and it didn't affect me much but now it does more so.

There's been a lot of cancer around me lately, unfortunately, and no one has gotten well. They've been convinced by their doctors to undergo certain treatments that to me seem archaic at best and barbaric at worst. The whole point of growing our own food is to maintain health. If you go to the industrial food supplier you are at their mercy. Sickness is a booming business.

It isn't my job to convince people that the food they eat is making them sick, people will subscribe to whatever line of thinking they wish. I can only say what my belief is based on the information that is out there. There's cause and effect, but not everyone correlates it. I gravitate toward the school of thought that sees that we were once relatively unaffected by autoimmune disease in the recent past and then examines why that was? What changed? In my mind it's a foregone conclusion.

With that in mind, I recently stumbled upon the Caveman Doctor who's podcast I really enjoy. I thought his talk about his profession, which is a radio oncologist, was very candid.