Sunday, November 23, 2014

Oh, give me a home...

I scooped this yellow jacket from a glass of beer so he is trying to get all of the Hefeweizen off of his antennas. They really seem to be attracted to German style beer for some reason.

The zoom on the phone camera worked really well. They don't usually stay in one place long enough to film. Pretty interesting little creatures. I know that they built a nest in a hugelbed this summer because I thought they were honey bees and for a minute I got real excited.

After I got closer I saw that it was yellow jackets. I've never been stung by one so I just leave them alone. I only got stung once by a bee and I was messing with them, so I deserved it. On the other hand, wasps have stung me a lot for no good reason. It feels like someone putting out a cigarette on your skin. It hurts, a lot!

Insects don't bother me that much anymore, except for spiders and mosquitoes. There were a ton of big ass spiders all around here last month. I don't see why people put fake spider webs in their yards around Halloween when there are tons of real spiders all over the place. I don't kill them because Jim told Huckleberry Finn in the book that it is very bad luck to kill a spider and the next thing you know Jim got bit by a rattlesnake, or was it a water moccasin. I don't recall. I don't know where those big ugly spiders come from every fall, but they show up like clockwork and disappear just as quickly.

This year I didn't see any snakes, except for one small garter snake under a brick. No copperheads at all. The rodent population is WAY down in the yard now, they've moved on to greener pastures and the ones that didn't get eaten by my cat.

All the trees in the yard are dormant now. It bums me out to see them that way. It seems like they have died. From green to brown in two weeks. It's good to know they'll come back even stronger come spring. But we have already had temperatures in the teens and it's only November. I'm not looking forward to January. It's rained quite a lot too.

All of the pond plants have died too, except for some grasses we planted. The floating plants are all but gone now, I don't think they'll make it. The fish seem to be just hovering near the bottom, not really moving very much. Leaves are in the pond and are down on the bottom and it's too cold to try and fish them out so they are staying until it warms up enough to deal with them. The fish seem to use them as cover and it may be that the decay process generates some heat. Aerobic decay does so I would assume anaerobic decay would as well. It will be good compost come spring.

Saturday night we went to a bonfire a little ways out in the country. It was a nice event. It's been a long time since we have done anything like that. Sure, I've built fires in the yard many times but that's just us. Being around a fire with a lot of people doesn't happen very much, actually not at all in the city. A lot of kids were there and they weren't brats either. They have a vibrancy that livens the atmosphere in a certain way especially outdoors when they are free to roam. There were no "timeouts" or tantrums or bellicose parents yelling nonstop. It was pretty awesome to experience. Fire is a primordial, hypnotic thing for young and old.

I'm not ready to go back to rural america, yet. But I'm thinking about it a little.

"Lively up yourself and don't be no drag!" - Bob Marley

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