Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween gets cold

Wild Child w/Demon Dog
On Halloween night we left a party and on the way home it was snowing!

Tonight it is suppose to be 28 degrees.

Cold records are falling all over the south.

Winter is coming..

Bushy Tail is nearly grown already. He hasn't eaten enough food to be as big as he is. Other energies are feeding him, things we can't see. This is what Rudolph Steiner talks about and Mollison. We receive these energies too, but our ability to take them in starts to wane as we grow older. As Thoreau put it, "Though the frost is nearly out of the ground, the winter has not broken up in me. Perhaps we grow older and older till we no longer sympathize with the revolution of the seasons, and our winters never break up."

"Cosmic and solar energies impinge on the earth, and life intercepts these flows to make them available for life forms..."- Bill Mollison

I think if the sun goes out it won't take 8 minutes for us to know it. I think we will all wind down almost immediately. That electric spark that powers us probably has to do with the sun. The world would be dead right away, except for the machines, which would run until they were out of gas.

A woodpecker flew into the kitchen window today and died. With as many lives as we've received we've buried just as many. This is the way it goes, I suppose.

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