Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The European Space Agency landed a probe on comet 67P this morning.  Congratulations to them!

The mission has been ongoing for ten years but the satellite just woke up this summer.

It's called Rosetta because astronomers have the erroneous belief that comets are primordial chunks of ice left over from the formation of our solar system.

In the past two months of orbiting 67P they've detected no ice or water and they are not going to. It's a huge rock.

Astronomers believe, since the 1950's, that comets are snowballs, sublimating as they approach the sun.

It's the kind of theory a sixth grader would pose, since physical phenomena are all that they know. If it were sublimation you wouldn't be able to see it and the comet would "melt" on the first orbit. Lots of people have known for years that the theory is bunk but they get relegated to the basement.

A comet is a negatively charged body and as it approaches the sun, which is positively charged, it begins discharging and sputtering the nucleus into space. The process is used in industry here on earth everyday.

Electric Universe theory states that the dominating force in nature is electricity.  Now we will be able to observe firsthand what a comet consists of from the instrumentation aboard the probe, Philae.

They made a pretty dam cool video about the mission though they do continue to drone on about theories that don't hold up to scrutiny, nevertheless it's a good vid.

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